Are You ON FIRE With The Possibilities?

by Marcy Heim on September 16, 2017

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As you move forward this fall, are you embracing the upcoming special holidays, sports and year-end fundraising tasks with excitement?

 Or, are you pulling out last year’s agendas and plans, digging out last year’s decorations and putting them up in the same places with a sigh, “Where did the summer go?”

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Here’s a few thoughts on how you can embrace opportunity:

1. Stir Yourself Up!  We must be willing to ask, “How can I show up every day filled with life and excitement about the work I GET to do?”  Don’t wait for your boss, your spouse, your donors or someone else to get you excited – Stir yourself up!

 2. Scrap the old, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.  If an event or process is just going along because you’ve “always done it that way,” SHAKE IT UP! Keep some things ‘comfortable’ for your participants (say… where they park) but make the rest of the experience sizzle with new energy!  If your personal relationships have turned sort of ho-hum (like your marriage), DO YOUR PART to initiate some excitement!

3. Start right now. Do something differently on the very next call you make.  What separates the really successful people is that they immediately IMPLEMENT something new consistently.

4. Be ok with Messy. Be ok perhaps making a mess of it. Life, and any action, is a process. You don’t arrive. Accept that it may be a bit wonky and that will feel uncomfortable. Same old, same old is boring. Don’t ask, “What if this goes wrong?” ask instead, “Why not try it and see?”   

5. “I Create My Life.” Start every single day declaring this out loud. Take back the knowledge that you create everything that is in your life. Life doesn’t happen to you.  You choose how you think about it, the words you use around it and how you will react.

Are you ON FIRE with the possibilities?

Go get it – your life, I mean.  Remember…I am dedicated to your delight and fulfillment as you embrace this honorable and noble profession.

Invest in Joy!

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