Better late than never

by Marcy Heim on January 27, 2021

Have you ever said, “Better late than never?”

It’s a phrase that’s been around forever. How you say it determines how it impacts you.  Let’s look at an example. I’m continuing to send out my holiday letters and probably will into February. I could look at it as an obligation – people sent me cards so I better send them back. It’s “better late than never” I say feeling a bit defeated. But there are REASONS (excuses) I am late! Since November 24, I spent 20 days (unheard of for me) with my kids in Austin and Boulder and those trips have thrown off more timelines than my holiday letters to be sure! So each letter could begin with my explanation (hear “not my fault”) for why they are late lest I be judged.

Better late than never

OR I could smile and say, “Better late than never!” and feel the joy of connecting with these folks I care about, believing that they will be happy to hear from me whenever my letter arrives. Bonus, I can actually read their letters first and respond with a handwritten note because, guess what, “It’s better late than never!” (hear “hurrah for me!”)

What do I want you to get from this?

The words you use as you go about anything, and the emotion you attach to the words determines what that experience is for you. And especially now when every day we are reminded of what we can’t do like we used to. What we CAN do is different from place to place across the country, and it changes day to day.

Words Tony Robbins

Let me ask you a simple question? Do you want to be more successful and happy in 2021?  Or has a piece of you sort of dropped off – entertaining questions of “what’s the point anyway?”

Since the beginning of time our world has changed. We no longer use horse and buggy.

ESPECIALLY now how you talk about what you are doing impacts your energy and joy in life. I’m harping on this just a bit because I’m hearing stuff like this….

  • This pandemic is horrible. It’s not fair..I had all these plans.
  • My donor didn’t return my call. I was humiliated.
  • When my boss said, “Men do this better.” I was enraged. I could hardly stay at work.
  • Our weekly staff meeting is painful, really painful on zoom – what a waste.
  • This is just SO FRUSTRATING!
  • It’s so much harder to do major gift work now.
  • I am zoomed out.

Ok…now partner this with the research that tells us messages without emotion are barely retained. In our work, we purposefully create stories to help our donors FEEL the impact of their giving, take in the drastic needs they are filling and the transformation they are accomplishing.

The point – You need to manage your stories. Yes, the ones you tell to insight energy around giving with your donors AND ALSO the ones you tell yourself and others about your work now day by day.

In my seminars I often use this exercise to reframe how we talk about our experiences. I’d like you to tune into your own conversations and listen for how you talk about what’s happening in your life now. Click here and then write and practice some phrases that build a story for you that supports you every day in having a good day, with opportunities to do go and enjoy your life. The words you attach to your day-to-day experience become your experience. Another day frustrated, fearful, hesitant? Or another day optimistic, bold and taking action!

Joy in out journey

We don’t know how this will all play out long-term, but just as always in our lives, we can still find the joy in our journey!

Delighted to be on your journey with you…..

Invest in JOY®

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