Better Think AGAIN – a tool for you.

by Marcy Heim on January 26, 2022

Do you feel it, too?  Ongoing uncertainty – you are constantly reacting.

A few days back things got tense around moving a meeting.  A client shared she’d yelled at her spouse for leaving the milk out and it spoiled.  It seems that even the most optimistic among us are on edge, crabby and frustrated.

My idea is stupid

We don’t have to be.

Our mind is the mighty force behind just about everything in our lives – the good and the bad. Our thoughts can either hold us back or propel us forward and when repeated over time they create our beliefs about ourselves and our lives.

The toughest part to take in is that WE ARE IN CONTROL of our thinking. It’s always our choice. So I’ve got a VERY SIMPLE tool for you to reframe your brain for 2022 success. 

Here it is.

Think about anything coming up – a donor visit, an event, a night out. (what is that again?)

Finish this sentence…..

This year it’s going to be hard to ____________________.

(raise money, hold events, meet with donors, manage the family, ???)

Then THINK about it.  Why do you think that way? Does it really have to be hard?

And debunk it! 

Here are 10 examples of reframing your thinking – all true comments from my coaching calls.

1. People know I am just looking for money.

 I really want my giver to experience joy from her giving.

2. I need to tell potential donors what we do.

I’ll ask my potential donors their impressions of our programs and listen to their replies.

have someone call me

4. I have to call to make donor appointments. UGH!

People love to give me money! (you can sing it too) Donors are lonely.

5. I sent them an email and they didn’t respond. They are not interested.

How can I make it easier for them to get in touch?

6. He was really awful to me on that last call. I don’t have to put up with that!

How can I care for him now. Clearly something is up. (hug a porcupine)

7. If only my Board would help.

When my Board understands that people who share their values and interests may also be interested in supporting us, it will be easier for them to help me.

8. It’s too soon to talk about another gift.

Clearly they have experienced the impact of their gift and feel appreciated. They are thinking, “What’s next?”

9. It will be so much harder to raise money this year.

Money comes to me easily and frequently.

10. I am feeling uncertainty and constantly reacting to last minute changes I didn’t cause.

Things are getting brighter.  I am feeling lighter!


It’s gonna be hard to…. OR I’m worried about…. OR I really stress when…..

And debunk that thinking!

If you change the way
change the way you look at things

Cheers to you – you have embraced life to influence good and you’re doing a great job of it! 

Invest in JOY®

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