Part II – If Only my Board would Help – Board Bonanza

April 11, 2018

Thinking of buying a Mini SUV? Suddenly you see them everywhere. Getting married? SO many must-haves! Taking up ballroom dancing? Posters for dances suddenly abound. Believe me–the cars, wedding info and dance clubs have always been there – NOW you notice and perhaps even get a bit overwhelmed! Do you really need a $90 wedding […]

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Part 1- If only my Board would help

March 23, 2018

I get an earful about Boards. You may feel it’s going pretty well with your Board or you may not even be a part of the Board meetings (sigh). You may be pleased with the contributions they are making – of time and dollars – or be ready to “pass the hat” and go for […]

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Face-to-Face for the First Time-Do’s and Don’ts

March 7, 2018

You got the appointment! WoHoo! First time Face-to-Face visits are huge in creating the deeper engagement and giving that you want to inspire. They can be scary too. You want to make a good impression, discover more about your prospective major giver, but not be “too much.” Let’s make this the beginning of a LONG […]

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Five Tips to Handle Scandals

February 22, 2018

May you never need this… Remember…”I CREATE MY LIFE!” Right? We do. We must take responsibility for our choices. But, we don’t always make the best choices. Notice I’m putting everyone in this picture. In my 30 plus years in advancement leadership and coaching, I’ve experienced inappropriate photos of elderly residents on Facebook, fraud accusations […]

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Why I Love you this Valentines Day

February 12, 2018

WHY I love you this Valentine’s Day! You embrace each day with JOY! You know that your one kind act to another person (even if no one else knows you did it) is more powerful than all the attention-seeking rants on social media demanding others to live differently. Your smile and kindness are making a […]

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You are Enough!

January 31, 2018

Fretting over all there is to do is not helpful. But THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO! Turnover in our profession is at an all-time high. During campaign feasibility studies I like to ask, “How could we serve our very important donors, like you, better?” Too often I hear, “I don’t even bother to learn […]

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Optimistic Reaction

January 11, 2018

How about these “resolutions”? 1. Give thanks that your life is exactly as it is. 2. Decide that 2018 will be the happiest year of your life yet. 3. Every day, follow your heart and instincts down new paths.   What will the New Year bring? Development plan in full swing? Digging into the year-end […]

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Going into the New Year

December 28, 2017

It’s time for you to make time to stare into space – rest and reboot!   1. Make decisions quickly and take action. Successful people decide and DO. Make a decision. You can always make another decision. And the more you make the better you get at making great ones. Take action! Past donors in […]

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Dial Down the Drama! Dial Up Your Success!

December 14, 2017

Samantha Poremba, (with me in the photo) was an inspiration! She said, “In my large family the message was, ‘Be a thumb (pointing at yourself to take responsibility), not a finger (pointing at somebody else)!’” Love It! Be a Thumb, not a Finger! It underscores the dramatic shift we make in our fundraising and life […]

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Relationship Plans – December and Beyond

November 24, 2017

“I am a one-person development team and this (relationship-action plan) helped me with basic ideas that are doable in my fundraising plan.  I want to work with as many donors as possible, but I need to act on those with the highest capacity and interest. Thank you!”  -Lynette Many of the 650+ folks who joined […]

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