Are your Year-End wheels spinning?

October 9, 2020

Spinning your Year-End Wheels? Let’s get into Four-Wheel Drive and get this show on the road! It’s October! I am badgering my clients right now, “Get those year-end plans moving!” (Ok fine…we are having deep and reflective conversations about embracing the opportunities before us.  Is that better?)   I get excited this time of year! […]

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Your Call to Action

September 1, 2020

Hey! It’s SEPTEMBER 1st Day 245! That means 121 Days Left (Leap Year) Listen up, my friend, YOU have this wonderful last trimester of 2020 to SHINE! Are you going to finish this year strong? Knock the ball out of the park? –       Covid or no covid? –       Election or no election? –       Working from where […]

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Be of Comfort…Now

August 12, 2020

You are bombarded now with messages, free webinars and more on how to pivot, work from home, take your event virtual and, goodness, even build major giving relationships faster than when we could sit down and talk in person! (really?) But what about September and fall ….and football….and school starting…and church picnics…and sweater weather….and homemade […]

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The Secret to working well with others

July 22, 2020

Does if feel harder to lead? Harder to feel part of the team? Harder to get along? Some days a good old boring staff meeting looks pretty good during life “behind screens.” At least to me. How are you doing? (Hint – start with, “Terrific!” You’ll feel better, I promise. I’m sending you sunshine!) Before […]

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6-Month Celebration Check-In

July 8, 2020

Congrats to YOU! It’s July! The first-half of 2020 is behind you – and the second half is ahead. What comes to mind?  YOUR mind? “Thank God it’s over — so much for the promise of THIS new decade.” OR “What a remarkable time to be alive and experience the human spirit shining on!” You […]

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Plan….NOW! Pear-Tree Planning in a Pandemic

June 24, 2020

Pear Tree Planning in a Pandemic You might be feeling, “How can I plan for anything when everything is so up in the air.” I understand. And I am here to help! Let me tell you a story about my pear tree.  It was loaded with buds and now it’s loaded, I mean LOADED, with […]

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How to make giving to you “essential”

June 10, 2020

You show appreciation and respect to major donors when you talk about the legacy they leave with their gifts.  Honor Clubs, Societies, elite events and personal conversations with the leadership are all benefits you may provide your major donors. These are wonderful and build good relationships!  While I believe we have instinctively adopted this, I […]

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How to Make A Decision and Take A Step

May 27, 2020

These are remarkable times. With an avalanche of information flooding you in the email, live-streaming on Facebook and bombarding you on the news, how do you make a decision about what to do next? How can you make a decision when you have no certainty about how this current COVID-19 environment will unfold…or when? In […]

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Hoping to help you with these success stories and advice!

May 13, 2020

You know it was a ‘Proud Mom Moment’ with son, David…in his cap and gown…graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston – a day I had looked forward to for a long time. Well, he WAS in his cap and gown, but he was actually on our couch in Madison, Wisconsin.  Two laptops were […]

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Stop feeding on the bottom. Major Gifts are at the top of the pyramid!

April 22, 2020

You are capable of great work now. Yes, now.  COVID 19 is unprecedented and uncertain. In “times like this” you can bet folks will: 1- Cut discretionary spending. 2- Reduce costs – hunker down. 3- Reduce risk – even if they are guessing how to do that, and, 4- Follow the Herd. What are others […]

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