WRITE Right – Raise More!

June 23, 2021

Your written word has power ONLY when it is read, remembered and/or acted on. With your words you lift up, inform, share, tear down, heal, love, inspire and teach. As you build relationships with current and prospective major givers, what is important in your writing – handwritten, letter, email, text whatever?  Here are 10 tips…for […]

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Let me hear you…”I love Tech!”

June 9, 2021

Do you enjoy that zoom feature that lets us “improve our appearance” on zoom?  Works great  – try it if you haven’t yet. You have a tremendous opportunity now to rebuild your life as we re-enter from the Land of Covid.  Whether you continued to come into the office this past year, spent months remote, […]

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3 Tips for Events that Make Sense

May 26, 2021

There is a lot for you to think about as you consider doing again what you’ve always done when it comes to events that make sense – especially for major gifts! But first – ENJOY the LONG WEEKEND here in the States! That means do something that is FUN for you!  Stop and smell the lilacs! […]

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You can’t be replaced!

May 12, 2021

“For every thing, turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn turn turn. A time to be born, a time to die.”  (The Byrds – listen here.) For Simone Joyaux, “one of the most thoughtful, inspirational, and provocative leaders in the philanthropic sector worldwide,” that time was May 2, 2021. She died from a massive stroke […]

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Fundraising Ambassadors- aka – YOUR AMAZING BOARD

April 29, 2021

Your Non-Profit Board is key to your success…in these remarkable times and always. I know that you care about engaging them in a way that makes this a win for all! In my several board fundraising workshops over the past few months – virtually and in-person – it’s clear that HOW to do this isn’t […]

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Spring into ACTION

April 14, 2021

SPRING into ACTION! How and What to do..NOW Each new quarter – especially the Spring quarter – empowers you to renew your determination to achieve your goals! One wheelbarrow at a time, I will spread 15 yards of mulch sheltering scores of beautiful plants! (my current quest) Your mission – should you decide to accept it – […]

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Debunk YOUR Planned Giving Myths

March 24, 2021

It’s Easter Bunny time! While we all are getting older, it’s a choice to get “old.” Eat some peeps, color an egg and sing, Here comes Peter Cottontail at the top of your lungs! Can’t wait! And while Easter brings flowers and hatching eggs, in these remarkable times many wonder, “What if I die?” and are creating […]

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Get your New Donor Ducks in a row

March 11, 2021

Spring! Rebirth! New Energy! New Relationships! New Prospective Givers! Inspiring Artful Asking from the stage of EVOLVETwenty21 – the National Mobile & TeleDentistry Conference in Orlando – YES!! IN PERSON! Wow! What an eye-opener for me to take in the importance of ORAL Health in your total health! And amazing technology is, indeed, on the […]

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Luv the Flub

February 24, 2021

Have you ever screwed up? Have you ever failed? Of course you have. And it can be terrifying. Will you be forgiven? Will you lose your job? Can this be fixed? As you head into March and the start of year two of these remarkable times, you need to be growing major giving relationships, hosting […]

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Roses are Red

February 10, 2021

Script for sending Valentine’s love! It’s tough to play Euchre with only 3…almost impossible, in fact. Bluntly then, when someone dies you generally replace the “couple” with another “couple.”  I mean, it takes 4 to play the card game.  And so begins the challenging, and lonely, journey of being just one. And left out. As […]

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