Do NOW for Transformational Gifts THIS Year-End

by Marcy Heim on July 13, 2022

So I went to how many fireworks shows???  Who’s counting! Best part was time shared with family! Hope your July holiday was filled with good times… and some quiet times, too! Happy Summer!  Best for me is being a major donor to the Kids from Wisconsin. Tyler Curtain is one of the “kids” I am sponsoring. He’s amazing! I was in total tears after the opening show!

Marcy & Tyler

Honestly, does it really “slow down” in summer anymore?

Do you ever start thinking that something is going to happen and then it does? This can be a good or not-so-good thing.

It’s the power of our mindset and setting intentions. 

Every day we attract..

So I want to get you thinking NOW about your MAJOR GIFT YEAR-END GIVING!

Here’s how to get started NOW.

STEPS To Take NOW for Year-End Transformational Giving.

1. Start growing your mindset for major giving success NOW.


What you focus on you grow. For greatest success no matter how much of your role is major gift work, make a habit of thinking about your current and potential major givers in a relaxed manor. Consider why your mission is a good fit for them. See the special connections you have now – why they enjoy being part of your work. What’s the largest gift you see them giving if everything just worked out?  Do you need to elevate YOUR giving sites?  $5000 or $50,000? Make sure YOUR money thinking isn’t limiting your success. Boldly answer why everyone would delight in making a transformational gift to you, and your mission. See your major donors excited about giving to you. 

2. Start looking at your potential Major Donors NOW.

Sure, review your top donors last year AND look into the annual fund for repeat givers. AND, who shares your values and interests and might be excited about the specific work you are doing now? AND, who else should be in your major gift relationship-sights for transformational giving this year? This list can be bigger for now…30-100 names. (not hundreds). Keep this list in front of you and look over the names every day.

3. Write out Marcy’s 3-sentence ask NOW.

I spend a great deal of time writing out 3-sentence asks with my top clients. Why? It sets an INTENTION of what you’d like to see happen. This sheet will guide you.

This forces you to get clear on the amount and project you think will best resonate with your major givers NOW. You won’t ask now, but this puts the plan in your head. This identifies that north star you are headed for. It also exposes lack of clear organizational giving priorities when you still have a chance to get clarity. Big donors want big visions.

What we think about..

4. What needs to happen BEFORE you ask? Consider that NOW.

What conversations need to happen? Who should you partner with? Board member? Another donor? What giving vehicles may make sense for them?  Do you want to partner with planned giving? What can you do to get to know them better?  Are you clear on what the money does and really does? What is the tangible and emotional impact of saying, “Yes” to the ask you wrote out?

5. Plan the key steps NOW.

You may have a great idea for the volunteer/partner/staff member to have join you for a visit/call only to find they are not around when you wanted to make this visit. Sure, we have zoom now, yet in-person is still enjoyed by many donors. Your DONORS may have a big trip planned, or a fall wedding. NOW is the time to connect with the players and talk about a date or two that works for everyone to explore some ideas for how they might want to help you this year. When you talk about these dates NOW chances are better they will happen.

6. Own your role in making this happen NOW. (and enjoy some great surprises!)

When you set intentions it’s amazing how the universe will come to your side and amazing things happen! Remember, you can’t make someone give you money but staying in touch – being genuine – even in the face of our difficult external environment will inspire more and larger lifelong giving. You can’t control the stock market, and other challenges of these times. You CAN control YOUR ACTIONS. Do the work. Be eager and happy about the work you GET to do and the folks you GET to engage.


Don’t let anything steal your sparkle – at least not for long. You are special. You have a calling. I appreciate you.

Invest in JOY®

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