Lot’s of Balls in the air?

by Marcy Heim on July 12, 2023

YIKES! Are you ever afraid one of those many balls-in-the-air is falling?


Perhaps your amazing life is also filled with your wonderful summer-connecting donor conversations, fireworks (at least 3 shows), family reunions – probably that you are hosting – and all sorts of summer fun!

I get to fretting sometimes – being truly transparent here. 

It really just wears you out.  So….

Don't fret - get SET!

When you don’t know what to even begin next….

Unsure of your next step? Take it anyways.

1. What CAN you do RIGHT NOW.

To be fair, it may not be one of the top priorities but it is something you can DO – right now. There is some satisfaction getting the wash going. What can you do with the bit of time and energy and brain power you have right now?

2. Make a list of the most urgent tasks with the REAL deadlines.

This does two things. 1.Your brain stops spinning around a list of stuff that may include a. don’t forget the lawn chairs tonite to b. do you have a Christmas gift for Joe (WHAT? Why are you even thinking about that NOW?)

And 2. Use the “sky-will-fall-if-I-don’t-get-this-done” deadline.  What you might discover is that there are really not many things that bring down the sky. 

Linda and Marcy

3. Find someone who can work with you to get a few things done. 

My college roommate, Linda, stayed with us a night this week on a cross-country drive to get some of her late parents’ things to her home.  While she was here I whisked her into our basement and said, “Just walk around with me and help me see what I need to do to be ready for an August visit from our 3-year-old so she is safe and I am not stressing about what I am forgetting.” A half-hour later I have a list – actually shorter than I had envisioned, and we had plugged in and played the slot machine we have in our basement – a total hoot.

In my biz – this is Michelle. She comes by and we start by asking, “What’s the most important thing we need to do today?”  There is SO much opportunity with all I am doing and having a colleague to partner with is SO helpful!

4. Just reconnect – don’t make excuses to your donors, family, anyone.

Donor, it has been so long since we visited! I miss you. When can we get together?” This is much better than, “We’ve been budgeting.” “We had a family reunion.” All the excuses are just a slap in the face that all that stuff was more important to you than seeing the donor, your cousin or anyone. Just reach out and authentically seek to reconnect. (Remember, you can feel a fake a mile away so be sure you really WANT to see this person.)

5. Make your bed.

This isn’t a tough one. It signals the start of the day. Makes at least one part of your bedroom tidy. You control it and you finish it. Enough said. I have a long-time client who says, “I make my bed everyday – who would have thought it would make such a difference!”

Remember your physics (Ok so I did a lot of physics – just trust me on this one)

“An object in motion tends to say in motion. An object at rest tends to stay at rest.” So simply start! Starting in itself will motivate you!

The act of starting will motivate you! One simple action.

Please…..DON’T FRET! It robs you of important energy and joy! 

You are doing really important work.  Time travels fast.





No one can stop you.  Whew! Now you can relax!

Invest in JOY®

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