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Before you make the major investment for a ½ day or full day workshop for your board, I want to ensure that your organization and board are ready to get maximum results.

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Tell me a little about your board –
What are your 3 key outcomes you’d like from this Board workshop?
What are your biggest challenges with your board now?
How often do they meet and what is the size?
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What’s Next?

After you provide this information, set up a strategy call to discuss your board’s readiness for deeper engagement in building major giving relationships at  This phone call will take about 30-60 minutes and will help you determine how to get your board excited about and ready for this workshop.

Scheduling your workshop

If your board and your organization are ready, we’ll work with you to schedule your workshop.

Marcy speaks internationally and limits Board workshops to two each month so early scheduling is important to get the BEST DATE FOR YOUR BOARD.