Turn the mood around!

by Marcy Heim on August 23, 2023

Consider for a moment…

RJ & Maeve
  • Your first face-to-face visit with a key prospective giver. You feel awkward but determined to do your best.
  • Being in a challenging family situation. You feel you cannot say a word that will be “heard” correctly. It’s just too charged.
  • Your new boss who latches onto the ALL the donors. You feel embarrassed and powerless.

Do you know people who enter the scene and immediately change the mood? Do you have friends/family that can “snap you out of it?” Here are two – son, RJ, 29th birthday on Sunday and daughter Carly’s baby (our granddaughter) Maeve, 9 months.

You can be a switch-flipper...
David, RJ, Mom and Dad

During the past 15 days I experienced the basement flooding, a beautiful wedding, a baby in the house, hosting 80+ people for a party in 92 degree humid heat, client challenges, my son and daughter visiting from far away, old band mates returning, birthdays, the refrigerator dying, and meeting my very first coaching client in person. 

Here’s the thing. Throughout all of this, I observed people and actions that flipped the switch – changed the mood – lightened the problem and cracked the tension with laughter – in a word – JOY MAKERS.

How to be a JOY MAKER!

Abrielle & Bert

1. Bring energy. When you choose to show up with energy it’s contagious.

2. Smile. Try looking at someone with a big happy smile and not smile back!

3. Make Music. Play it, sing it. Dance to it! Happy Birthday to you! ABBA. The Beer Barrel Polka.

4. Shut down the negative.  Not one more word about the heat today! Don’t give more precious life time to the negative feeling, person, etc.

5. Be Goofy and Fun. “Professional” does not mean stiff.

6. Know one good joke. “What did one strawberry say to the other strawberry? I said if we laid in this bed together we’d end up in a jam!” (It’s been laughed at for 40 years.)

7. Focus on others. It’s just not about you – your feelings, your expectations, your disappointments, your food preferences, blah blah, blah. When you focus on others your own burdens lift. Your winning shouldn’t mean others have to lose.

8. Create an Anchor.  Give yourself a physical cue to change a bad mood. Touch your elbow; rub your chin – whatever – but condition yourself that this trigger changes your mood. (Tony Robbins)

 9. Declare Gratitude. 92 degrees? I’m grateful it’s not raining!

10. Give. Give tips. Give chocolate chip cookies. Give compliments.  BE ABUNDANT!

Decide now that you are goint to be a joy-maker.

JOY MAKERS can Flip Switches! Break the frustration, pain, hurt, anger, and exhaustion. Beat the heat and calm the nerves. Decide you can be one! 

And here’s the best part – when you are a joy-maker, you feel JOYFUL!

Heidi & Marcy

This week my very FIRST coaching client, now a successful major gift officer, Heidi Ihrig, was in Madison celebrating her birthday AND her wedding anniversary! She chose to stop in to see me!  WHAT A JOY! Just so happened I had just ordered my very FIRST Artful Asker mug – the perfect gift.

Invest in JOY®

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