Artful Action Assessment

Artful Action Assessment $995
Your next steps delivered to you…

training_governing_bodiesDo you ever wonder…..

We need help with doing more with major gifts but what do we do next? I know we could raise more money, but how?

Our board needs to be more involved with fundraising, but how do we start? What do we need? How expensive is it?

We are talking about a campaign, but we really don’t have a clear idea just how we do this. Are we going to be successful?

What if we get into some arrangement with a consultant that doesn’t work?

It seems like when we get a “free consultation” it is just a sales pitch.

If this sounds like your organization, then you may qualify for a ONE-TIME-ONLY Artful Action Assessment.

Marcy offers a 2-Hour Artful Action Assessment with up to six key players … Board President, Dean, Executive Director, Development Director, Key Stakeholders, etc…:

  • To look at where you are now
  • Address your biggest “elephants”
  • Address opportunities for increased success
  • Engaging ALL your stakeholders
  • And get Marcy’s on-the-spot coaching.

Contact Marcy to see if as Artful Action Assessment is right for you.