Marcy Heim speaking at Evolve 2021

Marcy on your stage means you will be drawn in, you will sing, you will learn, you will leave changed.

Have a particular theme or topic in mind about inspiring generosity or lifting up your attendees you don’t see here?  Talk it over with Marcy to create the perfect fit for your conference, retreat or event!

Fear Less; Raise More; SHINE ON!

You have been called to do this important work and YOU ARE UP FOR THE TASK!  What does your future hold? How do you flip the switch from scarcity to an abundance worldview? Does fear interfere as you connect with ALL of your colleagues, leadership and givers in authentic and powerful ways? Why should the sky be your limit – in your fundraising or your life?  Marcy shares 10 tips to inspire generosity in ALL of our relationships. SHINE ON!

Learning objectives – 

  • Apply your mindset to manage fear and prevent it from stalling you on embracing diversity, inclusion and equity conversations.
  • Re-engage in life-long giving goals, a simple tool to ask for anything and a belief that there is “enough” – money, donors, time.
  • Be lifted up by taking in your own power to shine and inspire generosity.

Invest in JOY! How our Thinking Impacts our Giving, and Living, Success!

You, and your mission, ARE ESSENTIAL!   Major gifts are critical to building your resilience in these remarkable times…critical to preparing you for whatever is ahead – critical to fueling your big vision and giving your donors the opportunity to be significant.   Marcy engages her audiences directly and challenges them to explore the power of their thinking.  She shares powerful tools to let us be aware of how our thinking can sabotage our success – in getting appointments to interacting with others.  She gives specific tools to reprogram our thoughts leading to more success in our fundraising efforts…and our lives overall. This talk is excellent and inspiring  for a luncheon or dinner group that includes donors, volunteers and staff.

ASK for Anything Artfully and get a delighted, “YES!”

What if you had a specific 3-sentence recipe to ask for anything? What EXACTLY do you say? Get crystal CLEAR on exactly how to write and speak a major gift ask. AND apply this formula to ask for anything! You may rock at creating a great relationship but the gift comes from a clear ask confidently delivered. Learn how to do it with Marcy.

You’ll get specific, laser-focused training on writing and speaking an artful ask.  We will DO it!  This is Marcy’s most popular session and she has empowered over 32,000 development professionals and volunteers with her simple, authentic and successful process.  Marcy provides on-the-spot coaching as only she can.  Not you average role-play, but indeed you will leave with a new skill and tremendous confidence! Promise!

NOTE: Apply this formula to ask for anything! This talk is also perfect for high school/college groups, women’s conferences, association conventions and can be tailored to empower asking for help, appointments, sponsorships, board service, volunteer help, a date for the prom.

Inspire Joy in your Development Team

Overwhelmed. Disconnected. Frustrated. Your mission – inspire Joy in your development team.  How? We’ll explore how values have changed and today’s stressors have left many development professionals fragile and uncertain. Then we’ll deep dive into helpful assessment tools and tips for leading JOY that will inspire renewed energy, creativity and excitement for fostering generosity. Bring your success strategies to share. You will learn, sing, have fun and leave with a long list of effective ideas

Empowering Your Board and Leadership to Serve as Effective Development Ambassadors

Based on Marcy’s best-seller, “Empowering Your Board to Serve as Effective Development Ambassadors” this presentation can be a 45 minute keynote or a full-day workshop.  Is your leadership engaged in your development efforts with enthusiasm or avoidance? Is their role in the development process defined and understood?  Join us for an overview or a full-scale workshop with Marcy designed to give Board members and other volunteers the tools needed to create positive and productive relationships that yield long-term, life-long friends and investors in your mission.  With the right understanding of the development process, volunteers will gladly take actions that facilitate the thoughtful relationships with others needed for development success.  (NOTE: This is also available as a 1/2 and full day workshop for best results)

Creating a Joyful Giver

It’s always your choice – just “close the deal” or create life-long (and beyond) partnerships that honor your givers with the best experience they’ve ever had. Always remember this: Donors give through your organization to fulfill their own aspirations. How do you artfully connect with them to uncover what is most meaningful for them?

Development Work – It’s all Improv!

View your role as a development director through a different lens…that of an actor. We talk about being “on” in our development work, so why not embrace a few skills borrowed from the world of improv theater and learn how to adapt them to what we do? But be clear, this is NEVER at the expense of fostering genuine, authentic and honest relationships with our donors and volunteers.

Strengthening Your C.O.R.E. as a Development Professional

Development work is an honorable and noble profession. Yet today development professionals stay in their positions on average only 18 months. Is the pressure to “close” and “make the goal” robbing us of living with passion – personally and professionally? What role does our mindset play in our development and life success? With over 25 years of in-the-trenches successful major gift work, Marcy Heim will reconnect you with your core values and rekindle your passion for, and commitment to, manifesting the genuine relationships with your donors that bring you true success.

Being Authentically Thankful in a High Tech World

Every donor is unique. What can we as an organization do to provide proper gift stewardship – the gift acknowledgement, tax receipt, legal paperwork?  And how can we best provide donor stewardship. What says thank you in a way that is donor-focused and deeply meaningful?  How do email, Facebook and other social media fit into this picture? We provide stewardship because the best prospects for future gifts are current donors. Well, yes, BUT the real reason for good stewardship is really…it is the right thing to do. So why is stewardship often just an afterthought instead of an integral part of our development plan? In our session we’ll contrast stewarding the donor with stewarding the gift and how this fits into your overall and specific prospect plans. We’ll discuss ongoing stewardship as part of enhancing our major gift relationships and increasing our givers connectivity and enjoyment in their philanthropy. We will highlight elements of a thoughtful stewardship plan that serves donors across the gift pyramid.

Balancing the Art and Science of Major Gift Work to Maximize Success

Development is often discussed as requiring a feel for the art of fundraising. — Developing a ‘touch’ for knowing when to make the ask…providing ‘thoughtful stewardship’, making ‘meaningful ‘ contacts and making ‘artful’ asks.  Managers will also describe major gift development as the ‘time line’ needed to close the gift, the ‘number’ of asks to be made/month or quarter or the ‘quarterly dollar goals.’ How do managers and major gift officers find balance in respecting the donor and conducting major gift work that creates positive long-term donor relationships while still meeting the bottom line, provide data-driven evaluations and increase the dollars raised. What about planned giving?  How can we make the science support the art?

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