Here’s what some of our clients have been saying about Marcy:

United Way Presentation

“United Way of Dane County Loaned Executives are charged with raising $17.5 million for our community’s Agenda for Change, seven goals in the areas of Education Safety and Health. We received overwhelming praise for Marcy Heim’s ‘Artful Asker’ presentation at United Way of Dane County’s Loaned Executive training in July. Her message inspired, motivated, and gave confidence to the Loaned Executives whose task is to create “Joyful Givers” in Dane County. Her unique perspective on philanthropy and 23 years of experience working with United Way made her the perfect person to address this group and we cannot wait to have her back next year.”

Here are a few comments from the CASE-Kentucky Conference in Louisville, Kentucky GOING FOR THE GOLD! Marcy shared her sessions on The Power of Mindset in Successful Advancement Programs and also led the Executive Track in creating Declarations from Challenges.

“Marcy’s comments encompass all parts of your life and show how they all fit together to make you not only better at your advancement position, but at everything! The most informative session I’ve ever attended.”

“Marcy session was exactly what we wanted for our advancement leadership track. Excellent presentation.”

Very helpful and enlightening session.”

“I enjoyed your presentation at the CFRE Content Review Course. You inspired and engergized me. Thanks!”

“Writing a declaration from a challenges was a very useful exercise that I will take back and use with my staff.”

At first I thought this session was just a pep talk. Marcy clearly has the development background and combines her mindset strategies with major gift relationship building. She was terrific.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a wonderful mentor for the 2 day conference last week at Caraway. I have started each day since meeting you with “I am AMAZING!!!!” and my attitude has reflected that exact sentiment! The role play that you and I did together was such a learning experience for me and for that I am truly grateful! Thanks for all you do and for being a bright spot in my Development career!

“Thank you so very much for creating the positive tone and the energy at the AHP Calgary Conference. From the moment you walked on the stage your energy and warmth filled the room. You met my three top goals for this conference:

  1. Attendees felt good about themselves and what they could achieve. This set them up for a positive learning experience.
  2. Your message resonated throughout the conference sessions.
  3. The combination of your keynote and your “value added” session, gave our AHP members an overflowing toolkit of ideas to take away and use to advance their philanthropy work equally important their lives.”

“Thank you for your leadership, insight, and ENTHUSIASM during the CASE conference last week.  I think you set a great tone for all of us “newbie’s” to start our careers on.”

“Thank you for the invigorating presentation you gave to our AFP-Greater Tri-State Chapter in Dubuque on October 17, 2007.  Your topic about “good stewardship” was relevant to all!  Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with us.”

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you very much for your superb leadership as conference chair in Baltimore.  I was both inspired and instructed by the faculty and especially your enthusiasm, experience, and insight in the development field.  I look forward to applying many of the tools that I learned and will keep the “Cycle of Successful Development” clearly in mind.”

“Thank you so much for an outstanding presentation at the Wisconsin Library Association Conference.  It was informative and compassionate.  Some of your stories will stay with me for as long as I am in the business of trying to win support for my library.  I went out this week to try applying your concepts, but of course I made mistakes right away.  At least I now know when I make a mistake!  You were, I believe, the best presenter at the conference.”

“Thank you for presenting a great workshop on personal solicitation last week in Nashville.  You affirmed a lot of how I approach Asks now and provided good insight for future Asks.”

“Thanks so much for coming to Dubuque on Tuesday.  The time you spent with us was energizing.  It renewed my outlook on fundraising and reminded me to stay true to my values and what is important in my life.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with our FFA Foundation Board.  I think a lot of light bulbs went off and I think we need to keep discussing how your training can be a more regular part of our annual board training.  It took me a while, but I finally see the huge potential value that will result.  I want to thank you as well for being a mentor for this “wet-behind-the ears” development person.  You have helped me learn and grow professionally.  I have gained new insights every time I’ve been in your presence and I’m truly grateful for that.”

“Thanks a million for doing two sessions on fundraising for our Board Training Conference.  Between your expertise and enthusiasm, your participants learned many tips and tactics AND had a great time doing so.  Here are some comments from your session (The Board’s Role in Fundraising):

  • I hoped to be challenged to put fundraising on my agenda as a board member and this gave me a lot of ideas and scenarios.  It also made me realize I’m every bit of a board member when I’m away from board meetings.
  • Very dynamic speaker
  • Excellent, engaging, very relevant – thank you!
  • Good practical ideas
  • Great understanding of how donors think and feel which translated to very useful suggestions.”

“I am grateful you came to Green Bay to teach at the Wisconsin Non-Profits Conference some weeks back!  It was absolutely life changing to hear your teaching in Green Bay and during this past week in Madison. I have always operated within the priorities outlined in your circle graph, spending my energies on building relationships with our organization being the grateful receiver.  Now I will add the “slice in the graph” of the Artful Ask and we will have the last missing piece to the financial, long-term sustainability of our mission to support safe schools.”

Program participants have said:

“This program has changed my perspective in regard to initial approach and relationship building.”

“I will look for ways to engage more people and spend time developing relationships.”

“I will… work on showing gratitude!”

“My initial approach to asking for a gift will be more personal.”

“I will take a look at my “grateful recipient” efforts.”

MASTERFUL!  Engaging, inspiring, motivating.

Marcy empowered me to think differently, to help co-workers think differently and to do better.

I liked Marcy’s tips on changing our mindset best. Our minds DO create our outcomes. Thank you for emphasizing this attitude.

I learned SO MUCH! I feel like I can now earn the funding for my organization.

As someone with no major gift experiences, Marcy gave me encouragement. I don’t feel as apprehensive now to venture into a major giving direction. Thank you!

One of the best asking seminars I have ever been to. I learned more today than I have in the last 10 years.