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Have trouble speaking a clear, Major Gift Ask?

Are you working harder and harder — without the Major Gift Results you want?

Need to be re-energized?

Tired of begging your board, volunteers, and program folks to get involved in fundraising?

JOIN ME for BOTH, the Mindset & the Methods, to Ask for What You Need Artfully

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Make a change and sign up today for a MORE Major Gifts experience.

Invest in your growth and success at this small-group, CFRE approved, experience like no other!

Your success depends upon BOTH your methods and your mindset!

Major gifts development professionals are quite often their own worst enemy.

With more than 30 years of firsthand major gift fundraising and management experience, Marcy Heim personally knows the self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating mindsets that hold fundraisers back.

That’s why Marcy created her “patented” Artful Asker Cycle of Successful RelationshipsTM…

…to give other fundraisers like you new insights into how to embrace and manage your work so you can have both more giving success and more joy in your life.

Now as an international speaker, author, and development coach, Marcy reveals her most powerful secrets to breaking self-destructive beliefs and teaches major gift development methods that actually work LONG TERM…Again and again.

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In The MORE Major Gifts Workshop, Marcy will show you how to…

  • Attract donors to your cause and “get out of the way” of your success,

  • Embrace the importance of shared values,

  • Get your Board and staff engaged,

  • Be comfortable writing and speaking a major gift ask (or any ask, really) with Marcy’s 3-step recipe,

  • Create a step-by-step RAP (Relationship Action Plan) for one of your donors that you can take home and execute right away, and

  • Have fun… sing…. And find JOY in this honorable and noble profession.

Bottom line — you’ll be able to…

Write and speak a successful, respectful major gift individual ask that leads to YES!  And, create appropriate “touches” throughout the development cycle for staff, volunteers and Board, and…

Examine the powerful role your mindset plays in your overall development success and learn words and techniques that will increase your overall satisfaction in your development work!

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BOTH MORE Major Gifts Virtual and MORE Major Gifts Breakthrough Workshop have been reviewed and pre-approved by CFRE International for continuing education points on applications for certification or re-certification educational requirements. Marcy Heim is a CFRE International Approved Continuing Education Provider. Full participation in the MORE Major Gifts Virtual  is applicable for up to 11 continuing education points and MORE Major Gifts Breakthrough Workshop is applicable for up to 16 continuing education points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or re-certification.

Now, let’s talk about one of the top concerns: BUDGET.

How much would you think an experience like this costs that gives you…

  • A fully-developed plan to cultivate your next major gift…
  • A network of former workshop participants and Quarterly Coaching Calls.
  • The confidence to write and speak a Major Gift Ask, and…
  • The secrets to breaking through the barriers between you and your success?
  • The ability to raise a major gift….period.

Private training like this—with CFRE accreditation—can cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $5,500.

But if you register today, you can bust through the barriers keeping you from your next major gift.

Does having an execution-ready Relationship Action Plan and confidence to ASK WITH JOY for your next major gift seem hard to believe? YES…and this is GUARANTEED!


The materials presented give an overall perspective combined with Marcy’s real-world plans. With the right planning, capable donors are probably more capable. Marcy is a great workshop leader.

Watch Denise Lamphier from Grinnell Regional Medical Center share her praise!

How do you know if this the right workshop for you?

If you serve in any one of these noble professions, then the MORE Major Gifts Workshop is for you:

  • Major gift officers
  • Directors of Development
  • Annual Fund Directors
  • Ministers
  • Executive Directors
  • Newcomers to Development
  • Senior Development Professionals
  • VP and Advancement leadership
  • Deans and faculty
  • Board Members
  • Key volunteers

What can you expect to take home with you after The MORE Major Gifts Workshop?

  • A workbook of information and worksheets to take your learning home and implement
  • A deeper understanding of the process of securing major gifts
  • A fully-developed Relationship Action Plan for one of your major donor prospects that you can implement right away
  • Comfort writing and speaking a successful Major Gift Ask
  • A new mindset about your opportunities for major gift success
  • Personalized questions you can ask your donors for success
  • Confidence to artfully engage your prospective donors
  • A plan to engage your board and volunteers in raising major gifts with you
  • Access to Marcy Heim for your specific questions
  • A sense of JOY in the work of cultivating relationships and gifts for your mission

What will you learn in The MORE Major Gifts Workshop?

  1. The role of data mining from the annual fund in major gift success
  2. Ranking prospects on capacity and interest
  3. Assessing giving readiness
  4. Creating a relationship action plan for a major gift prospect
  5. Determining appropriate actions for your board and volunteers to take in deepening and advancing the major gift relationship
  6. Creating opportunities for support
  7. Writing a major gift ask
  8. Delivering a major gift ask
  9. Creating declarations from challenges to focus your time on major gift relationship building tasks
  10. Identifying appropriate stewardship and recognition options
  11. Involving board and volunteers in the stewardship process
  12. Using the Cycle of Successful Relationships™ to train board members

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But if you register today, you can bust through the barriers keeping you from your next major gift.

You’ll walk away knowing…

  • How you’ll cultivate that next major gift,
  • The exact words you’ll use when you make your next Major Gift Ask, and
  • How to find major donors within your donor database.

And—as former attendees tell us—with only one major gift from what they learned, the workshop pays for itself.

Plus! Sign up today and receive:

About Your Presenter

Marcy Heim, CSP, CFRE, PLCC, and Founder of The Artful Asker, is an international speaker, major giving expert, certified life coach and author to fundraising leadership, staff and key volunteers who are transforming the world by encouraging philanthropy for their missions. She’s also a singer and mom.

Marcy’s teaching reflects over 20 years of firsthand major gift fundraising and management experience at the University of Wisconsin Foundation where she and her team raised millions of dollars by creating the genuine relationships she promotes in her presentations. She led her unit through three successful comprehensive campaigns including the $1.8 billion Create the Future Campaign.

Marcy Heim
Book cover for "Empowering Your Board to Serve as Effective Development Ambassadors" by Marcy Heim

Her first book, “Empowering Your Board to Serve as Effective Development Ambassadors” is a popular board and staff training guide for major gift success. Marcy was presented the CASE Crystal Apple Award, is a recipient of the FP Outstanding Fundraising Professional Award.

She is a graduate of the Master Teachers Academy and a certified CFRE instructor. She’s regularly featured at AFP, AHP and CASE Conferences throughout the US and Canada and holds a UW-Madison Natural Sciences degree. Her audiences include higher education institutions and hospitals throughout the US and Canada, conferences of all types and a vast array of non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Through her coaching programs, her workshops and training sessions she coaches Staff, Deans, Executive Directors, University Presidents and volunteers through the key steps of creating and managing long-term transformational major gift donor relationships.

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