We all have our “To Do” lists to push through all the often endless work and tasks we HAVE To Do.

Marcy’s “GET To Do Today” products remind us that we have a choice!

We GET to live today, to do rewarding work, to be productive and accomplish, to be grateful… To Do!!

Today…and every day.

Bouncing checkmark

It’s all in how you choose to look at it, your choice, your mindset. And… we need reminding to CELEBRATE our accomplishments…large and small. Ta da! Smile and check it off with a Ta da! 🙂

Marcy’s sticky notes and pads will help you make the right mindset choice and put more joy into your days.

GET To Do Today! Pads 4X6
(available as sticky and no-sticky)
GET To Do Today!
Sticky Notes 3X3
get to do - large2get to do - smaller

‘GET To Do Today’ Deluxe Pack $15.95

15 ‘GET To Do Today’ note pads of your choice