How do you work with your clients?

There are a variety of ways that I work with clients to help them achieve success in fundraising…and life. Often this involves coaching and educational experiences with leadership, staff, boards and volunteers, doctors, faculty, campus partners (whomever your key stakeholders are.) This work can be one-on-one, with specific groups of staff or a board, or larger collections of all of these partners. While everyone needs to see the development effort as part of their job responsibilities, you decide how to bring people together.

How do we begin our work together?

Prior to doing any coaching or consulting, all my packages begin with a conversation about what YOU NEED!  This ensures that I fully understand your greatest challenges and unique circumstances to find the best way for us to structure our work together.  This work may span from a few brief, key conversations to VIP Coaching. Together we map out how my educational programs will make a difference for you and construct a Letter of Agreement for our relationship moving forward.

How are your programs structured?

Every program is different, but each one is high-content, and filled with specific examples and exercises to make the material stick! I combine slides (visual) with handouts (written reinforcement) with interactive exercises and group projects to make the skills and information actionable to empower you to apply what we cover to your specific situation.

Programs can be a few hours in length to an entire day, or year-long contracts.  Longer session allow us to sequentially review and add to the skills and actions we need to cover. Often, when this is possible, it leads to the greatest amount of growth and real change. When repeat dates are not possible, we can also set up webinar refreshers to help with the implementation of the materials presented.

Participants leave with a road map of what to do next, specific to their organization or institution. More important, they leave inspired and committed anew to their work and their lives.

What specifically do you cover?

Topics and specific material covered depends on your needs. Some of my popular topics are outlined in the Workshops & Seminars section of the website. Together we will look at the specific actions we need to take in order to attract donors to your organization/institution. We break down specifically what we need to do to create, grow and sustain genuine relationships that will give you exponential growth in the number of individual gifts and size of gifts you receive. This means you can do more of what you are passionate about!

What makes your presentations effective?

I have done it. I have credibility because I have made the calls, raised the funds, established the relationships and still enjoy these relationships today because they are genuine and authentic. With over 30 years of major gift development experience and advancement management, I know what it takes, how it feels, and how to demonstrate success over the long run.

What makes your presentations unique?

I guarantee you won’t fall asleep! In addition to giving you great content, I blend in my stage and theater experience to really entertain you! Some of my presentations include my original songs, such as “Fundraisers’ Blues” and “Let’s Hit Up Joe.” My music helps you understand how important our work is and see some of the challenges we face with humor.

Do you do keynote addresses?

My absolutely FAVORITE thing to do!  I’ve had the honor of serving as a keynote for the Association of Healthcare Philanthropist, the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Council of Advancement and Support of Education – often in the Executive track.  As a member of the National Speakers Association, providing keynote addresses that are high content, but also entertaining is my goal. Whether it is at a conference for development professionals, a service organization such as Kiwanis, an audience of donors, stakeholders or board members, my messages of the power of mindset in your success, making a difference, partnering with educational and non-profit organizations to change lives, leave a legacy, leading and living by giving help us all to embrace a life of grace and balance.

Do you do longer term work?

I have only a very few select clients whom I work on retainer through my VIP Coaching packages.  These packages include a mix of in-person, phone and email support with a mix of goals set uniquely for each client.  Many of my clients renew for several years and expand my role with the organization.  Over time, what we accomplish together is simply amazing in terms of fundraising success, but even more important in terms of staff satisfaction and low turnover.  Clients who have been in partnership with me for several years accomplish organizational and staff changes only possible with long-term work.

What are your fees? How do we begin?

After you have reviewed this, the next step to take contact us at and arrange a complimentary get-acquainted call with me. Prior to this call, you will receive a questionnaire so that we maximize our conversation together. This allows me to look at your specific situation and see how we can work together for the best results for you and your organization or institution.

Another option is to book an Artful Action Assessment.  This is a personal meeting with staff and key leadership to have an overview conversation. During this meeting, generally about 2 hours, we focus in on your key concerns and I do some on-the-spot coaching. This meeting allows us both to determine if working together is a fit for BOTH of us with only small investment of time and dollars. If it seems to be a fit, we will explore what combinations of services are best for you and discuss fees and expenses. To set up a call or schedule an Artful Action Assessment meeting, please call 1-888-324-0442 or email