How to use the Hero Templates:

  1. Switch to Avia Layout Builder
  2. Look under Templates
  3. Each different style is saved and labeled “Hero – XX” (e.g. Hero – Color Overlay)
  4. After choosing your desired style, change the font sizes and font colors in the settings as needed.
  5. Have the developer edit the style.css file as necessary to change any other colors, mobile breakpoints, etc.

Color Overlay

Partial Background Gradient

There are left-to-right (gradient-background gradient-ltr) and right-to-left options (gradient-background gradient-rtl).

Text Drop Shadow

Side Action Photo

Photo Cutout with Graphics

Boxed Text with Transparency

SVG Background Behind Caption

Boxed to the Edge

Highlighted Text

Side by Side

  • Get To Do Today 3x3 notepads

Attention Grabber | 5-8 words

The Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is a promise of value to be delivered that lives at the heart of your competitive advantage. What is the primary reason a target customer should buy from the Client instead of their competitors? 20-40 words

Single Word is Different

Cutout Image Overlap