Does Your Mindset Impact Your Life – And Your Fundraising Results?

by Marcy Heim on June 9, 2017

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Since age 17, I’ve been fascinated with the power of our thoughts.  “We become what we think about!” It has more to do with how your life is going than anything else.

3 Ways Your Thinking Impacts Your Life and Your Fundraising Results

1. You CAN change your thoughtsMind

It’s important for you to simply acknowledge that your thinking impacts how you FEEL inside. Thoughts generate an emotional charge.

If you are thinking happy, positive thoughts, you will find that you’ll feel much happier. And if you are thinking sad or depressed thoughts, you’ll find yourself sinking lower and lower into pessimism.

If you are aware of your thoughts – then you can change them.

Think of a light switch – if a thought wanders into your mind that is unhappy, critical or disempowering, try saying to yourself –

“Nope, I’m not going there.”

breath2. Just breathe

Our breath is always right there…ready to give us pause to think, calm down, consider.

When you are triggered, you can sloooooow down the drama simply by taking a deep breath.

And do you know what?  Those around you will be triggered to breathe too! It’s also a “leadership: strategy.”

3. Choose your words carefully

There are SO many tools I could share, but for me, remembering the influence of the words we utter on our thoughts and those around us is SO important. “We’ll never raise that much.” “Why is this so hard?” “I do all the heavy lifting around here.”

Our words are containers of power for ourselves and others.

Personally and professionally.  Do donors want to work with folks who say one thing to their face and another behind their back? “Pick the low hanging fruit?” Really? How we talk about our donors gets into our thinking and influences the authenticity of our relationships. Here are my alternative words for our common fundraising terminology.


I believe that our inner game determines our outer game. We too often look at the fruit and aren’t happy –but we fail to look at the roots that produced the fruit!  When we sharpen our awareness of what we think we can choose to change it!  It’s a life-long practice, but I believe nothing is more important than to manage your mindset.

Bottom Line: we can manage our mindset and attract MORE good results into our lives.

It’s why I spend an entire morning on mindset tools at my MORE Major Gifts workshops! Join me June 12-13 in Chicago. I think you’ll think, it’s a great workshop!

“We become what we think about!” Happy Thinking!

Invest in Joy!

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