Energy Precedes Outcomes – Lift Up Philanthropy – Part 2

by Marcy Heim on November 10, 2021

You ask for a visit and they say, “Yes!”

HOLD that thought.

PPGC 2021 Presenting

Thank you to the hundreds of you who joined me (according to the counter – couldn’t see you!) November 3rd, live from my inspiration-filled home office – for “Fear Less, Raise More, Shine ON!” my Crescendo Practical Planned Giving Conference keynote. This note came from Kira, “You were fantastic, thought-provoking and FUN (as promised!). I can only imagine that it must be difficult to present with such dedication and enthusiasm only to have the virtual meeting end… with no thanks, questions, or feedback.”

Tony said, “Your presentation was what I needed today. Thank you for ‘bringing it’… the energy, the vision, the essence, the attitude, the framework, and some “do’s & don’ts” to your investment in us today!”

Yes, it was difficult and yes, we made the most of this ‘touch’!

Right now, 60% of nonprofits are seeking between 1 and 3 donor “touches” for their year-end gifts. An in-person chat, a “Dear Friend” letter or mass Facebook post all count. But what REALLY Counts?

Year-End Engagement that COUNTS!

1. Touches that actually “touch” you. Engage you. Cheer you. Connect with you. And call you to take some action that does good in the world.

2. Messages that sound like a caring person – not a robo call.

3. Clear asks for support. Exchanges to solidify your shared values help your donor remember why you are important to them. Asking for their consideration to make a major gift is key to their investment.

4. In-person still rocks. Call me old-school, and certainly respect the wishes of your donors, but don’t be lazy – get away from that screen if you can.

5. Touches that HAPPEN. Start! Patiently PERSIST! Connect! Over 70% of donors give to organizations they already know. Your help is needed so they turn their good intentions into the gifts they want to make!

Energy Precedes Outcomes!

1.    Your energy – presence – and optimism Lifts Up Philanthropy.

As we go through these next several weeks remember that your energy precedes the outcomes you receive.

Energy precedes outcomes

This means that YOU always have control over how you bring your energy – your presence – to every zoom call, text and in-person conversation. Always focus on bringing the power and joy of giving and leave all the inconveniences of the times out of your touches.

 2.    Do the work.

You aren’t just automatically comfortable. And I will admit, while I’m delighted to do board engagement workshops, MORE Major Gifts workshop and webinars virtually, for keynotes, I want to SEE you all. I want to pull you into my message. I want you to stand up, shout and totally engage with me. Virtual is just not the same.

THAT line of thinking is the WRONG way to bring my energy.

It’s more than just being positive or thinking about it differently. It’s about spending the time and DOING THE WORK to BE A DIFFERENT PERSON – show up differently in a new and different setting. I completely disrupt my office to do a virtual keynote.

Remember that you need to share materials, treats, hugs, and joy differently with your major donors as you navigate how you will be in touch with them. And practice it.

 3.    When Life Surprises You… Keep Calm (and Keep Going).

Year end time is an adventure I experience times 10 with ALL my many clients – it’s lots of artful conversations about the best way to invite major giving investments in these final months. When my husband suddenly needed surgery for a hernia, SURPRISE! This past Monday was a long and exhausting day at the hospital followed by all my coaching calls happening in the evening. This week my calendar is solid. ARG!!

Breath. Keep calm. Manage your mental capacity…. Just. Keep. Going.

You have a calling, not a job.

The story you create for your year-end results will most likely CREATE your year-end results. Lift up philanthropy. Celebrate your chance to be a part of it!

Invest in JOY®

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