Ready for a new beginning?

by Marcy Heim on January 13, 2021

Happy New Year!

Did you stay awake until midnight on New Year’s Eve? I sure did! Sang Auld Lang Syne – you can see it here – silly to be sure. The song has been around since 1711 and means ‘For the sake of old times.’  It is a long song about two friends catching up over a drink or two, their friendship having been long and occasionally distant. Sounds like all of us in 2020.

And now it’s a new year. What’s the magic about a New Year? The new beginning, of course. The fresh start. The chance to change. The new opportunities that await. New hope. New dreams for better days, relationships and waistlines.

Many have been eagerly been waiting for 2021 to begin. But here’s the deal…..

You can push reset button
  • News of the day bringing you down? Change channels or shut it off.
  • Struggling to get a conversation going with a major donor? Send a card.
  • Tension mounting at the working-from-home home front? Start laughing (it’s contagious)
  • Played freecell (this is a confession) instead of writing your blog? Start the timer again.
  • Ate Christmas cookies for lunch? Maybe broccoli and chicken for dinner.
  • Don’t like what Alexia is playing? Say, “skip.”
  • Can’t get started. Stop. Stand. Sit. Start. Begin again (even if you never began in the first place.)
Reset button

No matter how 2020 went for you – you can reset to move forward. No matter how this morning went for you – reset to move forward this afternoon.  No matter how triggered you were by a toxic colleague’s behavior 10 minutes ago delete it or deal with it and forget it and reset.  Create a new beginning.

My wish for you is that you see EVERY day as a new beginning…not just January 1. Every hour, every minute is a new beginning – a new chance – to hit reset when you need to. Every conversation is a new beginning, every relationship is a new beginning, the next email in the inbox is a new beginning, crawling into bed is a new beginning, stopping to reflect is a new beginning. It makes life fresh all the time!

My time, my turn, my world

It takes energy to live our lives. It’s more important than time really. Manage your energy and you will get more done with more joy. How much energy do you want to exchange reacting to that political post? That snarky email? The cat missing the cat box? The disappointing news? How do you feel after you get angry or dramatic? Lifted up or drained? Energized or exhausted? 

You can push the reset button at any time!  I can’t keep bad and disappointing stuff and people out of your life. But I can assure you that YOU CAN DECIDE to only give a tiny amount of your energy to what drains you. I can guarantee that it’s your time, your turn and your world. Right now.

Just hit the reset button and shine on! 

Grateful for you and what you do…everyday.

Invest in JOY!


Use the Power of 80/20 Right Now!

by Marcy Heim on December 9, 2020

Whew! December 2020! You are in that crazy, exhilarating year-end time. Please don’t forget that I appreciate you! And, what you do to give your donors the chance to invest in your mission! We talk about major gifts transforming our organizations…think about it. Really your donors are transformed by giving to you! What noble work!

Ok now, remember, more than 30% of individual gifts are made during December many on the final 3 days of the year!  Last year, $92,898,000,000 was given by individual donors in DECEMBER. Yep – that’s right now and that’s a big number. And YOUR donors are in this December group!

What is the 80/20 Rule and could it actually make 80% of your work this month disappear?

80-20 Rule

Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto was born in Italy in 1848. Legend has it he observed a lot. He thought about wealth and discovered that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by just 20% of the population. He investigated different industries and found that 80% of production typically came from just 20% of the companies. The generalization became 80% of results will come from just 20% of the action.

For you this means that 80% of your year-end gifts will come from 20% of your donors. So here’s the deal – spend most of your time this month asking, “Who are the donors who have the most ability to give and have the deepest beliefs in what we do?” Then ask them, “May I help you accomplish giving plans you may have for us prior to the end of this year?”

Simple to get this conversation started.

It means you have to give up doing 80% of what isn’t giving you results, and, if you’re like me, you love doing some of those things too! But, truly, about 20% of my shoes end up on my feet most (is it 80%?) of the time. Click here for a worksheet of 80/20 examples and start making some 80-20 changes!  

What if, by simply changing one belief your whole world could change? Instead of trying to do the impossible, an 80/20 approach is to truly understand which donors are most important to see right now. And I kinda suspect you already know who they are.


Wishing you a bright, beautiful and 20% focused December!

Invest in JOY!


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